Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Washington Post puts "Romney as a Safe Choice"

In an article that came out today, Michael Gerson wrote that, Mitt Romney was a safe choice for risky times. In the article Gerson points out that Perry, "specific economic policies remain defiantly unspecific, but his rhetoric and intentions are ideologically ambitious." Perry has great intentions, but has no form of showing how these intentions will turn into plans of action. Romney on the other hand he states, "(Romney) refuses to hurl the accusation of “socialism.” Romney argues that an overbroad condemnation of Social Security would leave Republicans “obliterated as a party.” His own 59-point economic plan contains a “number of options”."
Lets all of us who support Mitt Romney, hope that in the end this statement makes true. Romney does have a plan of action, he does have the leadership skill that is needed to provide the end results we all hope to achieve. Mitt Romney, believes in America.

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